Sunday, June 24, 2018

Andie 6th Birthday

I blinked and now my little Andie Noelle, my five pound little girl, is now SIX YEARS OLD! How in the world is time passing by so quickly? I blinked and now I have a girl going into first grade in the fall. Wow!

For Andie's birthday this year she really wanted a Descendants Mal Birthday until VERY last minute she wanted a Disney Zombie's movie. Um why do children have to torture their parents like this? All we want is to just to give our children everything they could ever dream of and when it was this last minute and there is literally ZERO Zombie decorations I was basically set up for failure. I was SO WORRIED to disappoint my little girl!

Andie woke up her golden birthday morning ecstatic and I don't even know why I worried in the first place. Andie loved her birthday and one of the first things she saw walking into the family room was a piñata, she has always wanted one. Andie loved her new purple bike (her favorite color because of Mal). Andie also enjoyed her pink birthday dress and of course her Mal jacket complete with the wigs. I don't think there was any disappoint from my Andie.

Birthday traditions are the best, especially when birthday breakfasts wouldn't be the same without our pile of donuts. Andie was excited for her donuts and the night before her birthday told the siblings that they should be excited because we are eating donuts in the morning haha. I love traditions! Andie  was adorable with her donuts and loved the added Disney Zombie themed printables we tried to add in as much as possible with her decorations, such as the strawberry milk.

Of course after some playing with toys, getting dressed and ready we headed on out. Andie chose the chocolate fountain restaurant to eat at, in other words Golden Corral. I thought it was a cute way to celebrate her golden birthday as this is what Mom did for hers too. Chocolate is always EVERYWHERE when we go to the buffet but it sure is delicious.

Andie was so excited all week to go mini golfing but last minute once again she changed her mind to go to a jumping playground. I decided we should try some new jumping playground we haven't been to before. We went over to AirBourne and the kids all LOVED IT! We didn't have much time as Daddy would have to go to work but the time we did have the kids enjoyed every moment. Jake really loved stacking the blocks. Brooklyn loved stealing the balls from the dodgeball game, I am still surprised that she didn't die in there with all the big kids. Andie loved every part of it but by the end she really loved the stages to sing and dance on haha thats my girl!

When time was up at the jumping playground we hurried home to have enough time for the piñata. The kids were so excited for the piñata as they have never had one but have always dreamt of one. We didn't have a stick to use so of course the broom comes in handy for this. Brooklyn basically swept the piñata when she would try and hit it. Jake tried all different sorts of things to hit the piñata even a wrapping paper roll that broke in half. Andie finally cracked it open and they loved claiming their candy but of course sharing was a must. 

Cake this year didn't go as planned considering I had big plans to make a barbie cake, those cool ones with the dresses and the real barbie in it. Well maybe next year! We did get a princess cake for my princess and Andie loved it! Andie even got to cut her own cake and was so excited about it. Of course Brooklyn couldn't wait and had to pick at the icing while Andie was cutting. Gosh I love my kiddos.

Birthdays are the best celebrations of life and Andie's life is definitely something worth celebrating. I love you so much my princess. You my Andie Noelle are going to do amazing things with your life, heck you already are. You have so much ambition to accomplish anything you place your mind too and you place your mind to a lot. Happy Birthday my girl, I hope its your best year yet and all your dreams and wishes come true (especially the one about being a rock star).