Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Andie 5 Years 6 Months

Five and a half years old, how is that even possible Andie Noelle? Can you please stop that. Gosh having kids grow up is such a mixed emotional mess. I love that my girl is learning so much and is growing into this beautiful young lady but man she is not going to need me anymore. I love you so much and I hope you never ever forget how much my love is for you. Andie at 5 years 6 months...

1. Andie is loving makeup. Andie asks if we can buy her some makeup anytime she catches me doing my own. Andie says it is unfair that I get to wear it and that I don't let her wear it to school or anything, silly girl. I keep telling Andie as soon as she is older we will definitely buy her some but she just isn't convinced.

2. Andie got croup. Andie scared Mom and even herself as she stated after getting better that she felt like she was dying. So sad! Andie was having so much trouble breathing that we rushed her to the Instacare and she got some breathing treatments and lots of medications, they even overdosed her on everything on accident due to her weight being written in wrong. After Andie started to show improvements we were sent to the Hospital to be watched for a few hours. Sickness is the worst, especially the nasty medicines you have to take afterwards!

3. Andie celebrated Thanksgiving. Our favorite part of American Thanksgiving is definitely Black Friday shopping! Andie got to go with Mom and Dad for her first shopping experience and loved every moment of staying up past her bedtime, my little night owl.

4. Andie wants her own YouTube channel. Andie ever since she was little and even found out about YouTube has wanted her own channel. I keep wanting to make one but then I can't catchup on life so it seems impossible to even begin. One day though before Andie is to old I will be making this little loving girl a YouTube!

5. Andie is texting a lot. I love that I get to receive messages from my little girl daily they mean so much. Andie has figured out how to talk into the phone and have it write messages, how to have the phone read messages back to her and how to even send and receive voice messages without typing. Text messages from Andie make me excited for everything we get to talk about in the future. I am so lucky to have Andie as my daughter!

6. Andie loves holidays/birthdays. Andie has helped decorate for Mom and Brooklyns birthday plus of course the decorations for Christmas too. It will be nice when we have a house one day that Andie can continue to help me decorate and we can go all out. The excitement Andie receives from these happy celebrations can make anyone enjoy the holidays, her smile is contagious!

7. Andie is good at math. Andie has still been LOVING Kindergarten and all it is offering her. Math is something that Andie has really grasped onto this school year and boy is she good at it, she takes after her Daddy (Mom not so much haha). The only part of school that Andie isn't a fan of is the pesky loud fire alarm drills. Andie wanted to skip the whole month of December from school because they told her there would be a practice drill but they wouldn't tell her when. Oh the bribing it took to explain the drills are for her safety haha.

8. Andie loves snapchat filters. We live in a day and age of social media and one of those outlets is snapchat. I don't know how to really use this so called snapchat app but the filters on the camera are a freaking hoot to play with. Andie enjoys taking pictures with these filters, its our favorite past time!

9. Andie is a caretaker. Andie loves helping others the best she can. Mom was sick and guess who made me lunch in bed? That's right my little Andie girl. This was honestly the most sweetest thing ever! Andie is always looking out for others and wanting to lend a hand to whomever may need some assistance. I think I see a future medical career in her future ;)

Andie you bring so much joy to your families life each and every day. We have a love for you that continues to grow each and everyday. You know how to turn anyones day around bringing laughter and smiles to all around. You have such a gift and I hope you realize what a special little girl you truly are. I love you always and forever, my Andie Noelle.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Mom's Golden Birthday

 I have been looking forward to my golden birthday for a very long time. Most people don't have to wait 27 years to celebrate this joyous occasion. I turned 27 on the 27th, woot woot! Daddy had to work and go to school on my birthday which meant of course we had to celebrate early. Zach tried to make it special by decorating with the kids, getting me presents I wasn't planning on getting, going to the aquarium as a family outing and of course we had to go to "Golden" Corral for my golden birthday, get it? After we put the kids to bed, when we got home from our day, we decided to go out and see Beauty and the Beast. We had both really wanted to see it and it seemed like a perfect timing of things. Thanks for the celebrations my handsome!

On my actual birthday we didn't do anything but Jake did decide to get sick and went to the instacare. They stated he was perfectly healthy HAHAHAHA. I was able to get him into the pediatricians on a last minute cancellation and they stated he had a severe ear infection with puss, poor kid. Jake did not have a fun day which made me extra glad we celebrated early.