Friday, July 21, 2017

Andie 4 Years 11 Months

Andie Noelle only one more month and you will already be five years old. That means you have a month post for each year of your life for almost five years and that is shocking to me. I love you my princess and I hope you never forget how much a Mothers love really is. Andie at 4 years 11 months old...

1. Andie celebrated Easter. Andie was excited for the Easter bunny to come to the Wadsworth home and I don't think it disappointed as she got her first trolls toy, yeah! Andie loved hunting for the eggs and even helping her siblings make sure they found all the right colors too.

2. Andie got a new swimsuit. Andie picked out her own suit this year and I think she made a great choice. I was concerned about how low the back might go but when she tried it on it was perfect. I love how much you love it my girl!

3. Andie had her first dental procedure. Andie got her teeth all fixed up with that nasty large hole she had growing. Andie did fantastic with the anesthesia and fought it to the first last second. Just like Mom, Andie had a hard time waking up but we bought her some more trolls toys so the surgery was worth it in her eyes. Plus Andie pulls off silver teeth quite well.

4. Andie went to Disneyland. Andie has been to Disneyland five times now in her life and my goodness does she love it. Andie this year loved trying the new rides for bigger kids as she is getting taller like: Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad & Radiator Springs. Of course Andie's favorite rides were: It's a Small World, Mators Junkyard Jamboree, Tarzans Treehouse, Jumping Jellyfish (this was her ultimate favorite), The Little Mermaid ride and of course meeting all the characters to fill up her signature book. Andie's souvenir was a Moana barbie doll.

5.  Andie is looking forward to Kindergarten. Andie is constantly being reminded that it is coming up so quickly at preschool and her registering and all. Andie is growing up so quickly and each day I am amazed at how big she is getting, she is in the 56% average for her age with height/weight combined. Andie is so excited to be advancing in her schooling.

6. Andie stated some funny things this month. When we were driving to Disneyland we drove by a lot of cows, Andie kept saying, "wow there is so many elephants out here." Then when we were driving over a dam bridge. Worried Andie states, "We are going to fall in the ocean if we fall off this dam bridge." The way she stated it was hilarious. In Disneyland with her bubble Ariel blower she told all the bubbles to go to Jesus in the sky, it was the cutest thing ever!

7. Andie loves Arizona. Andie thinks Arizona is so pretty and she especially loves the red canyon rocks. Andie is very excited to one day have a house of her own that is closer to Disneyland for us to go more often, and of course to have a house in general finally haha.

8. Andie loves ice cream. Andie is constantly asking if we can go on ice cream runs to just grab some ice cream from somewhere. Andie loves, loves, loves it!

Andie my girl you have been through so much adventure this past month with our family vacation. You are blossoming into a beautiful smart women and each day with you is such a treasure. I love you my princess, always and forever!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Medical Tests

The morning after getting back from Disneyland, since I had the day off work, I decided to fill it with doctors appointments WHY? I woke up exhausted to go to the hospital for first an ultrasound. If you have been following my medical history over the last year and a half you know that I have had like the worst luck.

Back in December when I had my miscarriage I guess my body was having a hard time getting back to normal. I have been having TMI spotting issues ever since and haven't had a normal cycle. I finally got fed up and went to the doctor the morning we left to Disneyland, see my way good scheduling skills haha. At the appointment he decided that they reasoning behind all this abnormal cycles was because a piece of tissue from the miscarriage was left behind (ARE YOU KIDDING ME)! No duh I can't seem to get pregnant gahhhh.

I got my ultrasound done and hopefully things will get back to normal in the next couple weeks. After  a costco run between appointments I went and got some X-rays done and an arthrogram on my wrist, ouch. Then I got taken over into a spaceship (code for MRI) and got an MRI done for my wrist. I felt like I was some sniper as I was laying their on my belly with my hand outstretch in a giant contraption with some shooting loud noises going off constantly. That is definitely an experience. I am anxious to see how my results will come back to see what will end up happening with my health.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Disneyland Vacation: Day 9 & 10

Our last final day in Disneyland until who knows when, probably well into 2020, was today. This day is always the most exhausting as we are all so beat from our trip. We started the day by trying to rush into the park for our breakfast with Mickeys Friends.

After breakfast we decided to head out and see Moana as she was only in the park for an hour this morning and we didn't want to miss our chance to meet one of our favorites. We spent time looking thru more stores, sitting as long and often as possible (we literally were beat) and watching little duckies. Brooklyn is obsessed with duckies now!

On the last day we always try to hit the rides we have missed and somehow Dumbo was one of them. We always find it fun to try and make it on everything we possibly can and we almost succeeded this trip. We then went an ate lunch infront of the castle while watching more duckies.

We spent the rest of the evening going on rides the kids wanted to repeat, including Autotopia & the Buzz Lightyear. We bailed out of the park just as the fireworks were going off since the kids are still chicken about them and didn't want to be there. We made our way towards Downtown Disney to pick up our trip souvenirs. What a great trip we have had, the memories will last forever!

The next morning we left bright and early to head on our long drive home. The kids surprised us at how well we did and the great timing we made. We only stop a few times for food and gas. Each stop we made the kids get up and run around for a little to help with the restlessness and I think that was the key. We all can't wait to head on back on our next Disneyland trip, maybe even Disneyworld!