Saturday, May 13, 2017

General Conference April 2017

I love Conference weekends, as you get older these are such a special treat every 6 months. As a wife and especially as a parent I look for every piece of advice I can get to improve myself because we all know I need a lot of improving! One of my favorite talks was in the Women's General Conference session about being patient with our children/listening to the Spirit and I need that so much in my life. I can't wait to reread and study these talks the next few months, bring on October Conference haha!

Day of Errands

Usually when we make appointments we do a whole day of them and just start off the morning running. We did just that March 29th and Andie had the first appointment of the day by meeting with a pediatric dentist. I felt so comfortable with our choice and Andie did too which I think made me so confident in what the staff had to say. Sedation is scheduled to fix the teeth and I am a bit nervous but we can manage I am sure.

When we left the dental office we quickly drove across town as I had an appointment to meet with the Orthopedic doctor about my wrists. They have been swelling up and I haven't been able to bare weight on them for who knows how long plus I am starting to get some random goose egg like bumps on my wrists and arms.

The doctor did some tests and came back saying I am for sure positive for carpal tunnel. We had some X-rays that came back normal though so we went straight to injection right in my wrist. I was sent away for two weeks to wear some splints at night and got some wrist rests for my keyboard and mouse at work. Now we wait and see.

At this point we were starving so Chick-fil-a was the closest restaurant we could find that had a playground and obviously if you are going to be eating out as young parent playgrounds are top priority haha.

My license has been expired for just over four months so we decided today was the day that we better get that thing renewed. It isn't fun to stand in the long lines to do it so we knew the kids wouldn't be able to handle it. They stuck in the van with Zach and watched a movie while Mom did her thing, I am so relieved that is done with.

We then rushed home to get Daddy ready to change for work as he had to go to his dentist appointment before then. We decided the kids had enough adventure for one day so only Zachary went but of course I made him send me some photos. It was such a busy day but we definitely feel accomplished!

Second Flood

Remember how I said that 2017 was going to be a great year?
Remember how since then we have gotten stuck in the snow and had to get a tow truck.
Remember how we got flooded out of our house and moved so quickly without packing.
Remember how we had a second flood........No you don't? 
WELL GUESS WHAT?! We were flooded out AGAIN!

I woke up for work one morning and had this feeling immediately to get all the things off our bedroom floor before showering and getting ready. I am so grateful I did because I got a text from Zach later on that day saying our room had flooded. 

I knew it was going to happen so I wasn't to surprised BUT it didn't end there. The flood spread throughout the whole basement and by the time I got home from work there was standing water in the hall, storage room, and our bedroom with puddles all throughout the rest of the rooms. I tried to take a video but it got worse since even the video was taken (its to long to upload).

Shop vacs became our friend that day and my little brother got to it. It felt like a nonstop job but he did very well. By end of day his efforts seems useless as the water just kept coming and coming. With our luck this all happened on a weekend so when Monday came along and the insurance people came to look at the damage they said to get everything out and the disaster trucks would be here in an hour.

With only an hour to work we busted to get all the beds broken down and everything out of the basement as they charge 100 bucks a room to clear out. We managed to finish right before they showed up, what?

The disaster trucks worked quickly taking up carpets, ripping out the underlay and taking off floorboards. They seemed to be in and out so quickly and we had fans a blowing for the next week to clear out all that moisture.

Andie, Jake and Brooklyn handled the second flood like champs even though at this point they were so afraid we would have to move again as all our things were rushed and loaded into the garage as fast as we could run up and down those darn stairs, my hips regretted every flight.

After the basement was aired out we took our time moving back down into it and have made some future plans to our arrangement. Now we all just have a fear of rain and especially that darn sump pump we will fear the rest of our lives now haha.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Sunday Walk

For as long as I can remember Zachary and I have come up with such great traditions we want to implement in our life, but life itself seems to get in the way. We have stated we always wanted to start up Sunday walks but never do it. One Sunday we decided to take advantage while we had a chance and take the kiddos on a short little walk and they LOVED EVERY MINUTE!

Grandma's Birthday

My Mother turned another year older and my kiddos couldn't wait to celebrate. Birthdays are kinda a big deal when it comes to the Wadsworth household so of course we knew some small decorations were going to be in store. Our plans were a bit derailed as we had a flood in the basement of the house and that is a whole different post. We did get kicked out of the basement and the kitchen so we ate lunch with pizza in the entry way.

During the day we relaxed from the rush moving of the furniture with the flood and just really took the day with such ease.

For dinner my Father decided it would be easiest with no kitchen in the house to just go out and eat. We of course went to one of the favorites and LaFrontera never lets us down. Free suckers at the end are an added bonus.

When we arrived home we decided why not try to make the best of this houseless birthday for my Mom and we took it out to the garage. We set up some chairs and a table, we even went over board and threw up a sign for our decorations. I think the birthday fiasco turned out fantastic and I hope my mother knows how loved she is and how great of a woman each day she shows us all how to be. We love you Mom, Happy Birthday!

We of course ended the night with watching Moana on a big screen right in the living room :)