Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Wrist Surgery

Surgery day came quickly to verify what has happened to my wrist and see if we could find some answers to fix my every day pain. I was nervous the morning of the surgery NOT for the surgery itself but rather the fear that they wouldn't find anything and state it was all in my head and they couldn't do anything to fix me. I had advised the doctor and nurses of my fears and each one assured me they would find something, and they were right.

After surgery they stated I had multiple tears everywhere throughout my wrists. I also had some ganglion cysts growing and all that damage was irritating all my nerves and creating tumors throughout my arm. So with all that said and done I sure dang hope that my arm heals well and I will have my pain taken away and no more abnormal bumps growing.

I have been in ALOT of pain and didn't think wrist surgery would hurt this badly but you realize that simple tasks such as getting dressed, eating, writing, cough cough wiping cough cough, and everything else you do with your dominate hard is basically IMPOSSIBLE! I got pretty good using my left hand for everything, got lots of help by my husband and of course family watched the kids so I could rest, even though the kids were simply AMAZING (I thought they would attack my hand but nope). I had a week off of work and iced my hand what felt like constantly to help with my pain. This better of been worth it haha!

Brooklyn 1 Year 7 Months

Brooklyn Riley my baby girl you are such a joy to be around each and everyday. You have always been the most happy, fun loving, smiles all day long little girl that everyone adores. Your love for people is something I aspire to. I love you my princess. Brooklyn at 1 year 7 months...

1. Brooklyn is officially in nursery. Brooklyn went into nursery at 18 months old and has had zero problems. She walks in each week, sits up on the chairs to sing the songs and plays so well with the toys and each other. I love my happy social butterfly.

2. Brooklyn played with her cousin Hunter. Brooklyn loved having another kid about her age at home. Brooklyn and Hunter got along quite well and it was so cute to watch them help each other out with different tasks as they were playing.

3. Brooklyn always has scraped up knees. Brooklyn loves playing outside but is a little bit clumsy when it comes to the running part so her knees get the wrath of it. Brooklyn doesn't seem to mind the scrapes as long as we don't put band-aids on them. I swear Brooklyn is the only child that thinks band-aids makes ouches happen and not heal them.

4. Brooklyn loves Puppies. I think I have mentioned her love for puppies in the past but if I haven't, Brooklyn is obsessed. Brooklyn has a few stuffed animal dogs and she loves them so much. She usually every night will sleep with her puppy (white with pink spots) or an Elsa doll, puppies usually win.

5. Brooklyn copies other people. Brooklyn is at the stage that what others do she will most definitely follow. Brooklyn especially loves to copy her siblings (especially when Andie is coloring Brooklyn has to color, my two little artists) and of course her Momma. Brooklyn is also such a happy baby girl so anyone that she meets she is saying "hi". Even in stores when we pass by people if anyone looks our direction she is waving and saying "bye" to them. My princess is our social butterfly.

6. Brooklyn is playing on playgrounds on her own. Brooklyn is getting so big and every time she does something on her own that she couldn't beforehand I just realize how much my baby isn't a baby anymore, she is growing up! Brooklyn is a pro at these playground equipments and to make it even worse she is even amazing at climbing stairs up and down on her own now too. I think it helps that now that we live at the grandparents house there is a big set of stairs for lots of practice.

7. Brooklyn doesn't have a crib. Okay let me clarify Brooklyn has a crib but we took off one of the rails so it is like it's not a crib anymore. We wanted to get some practice in before we get the bunk beds for the kiddos in a few months. Hopefully Brooklyn will handle this change pretty good.

8. Brooklyn loves to wear shoes. Brooklyn loves shoes especially if they are little dress up shoes. Brooklyn is constantly trying on her siblings shoes, moms shoes or even Daddy's big old shoes. Brooklyn also loves that we have little princess shoes and I really should get her more, maybe upcoming birthday or Christmas ideas.

9. Brooklyn went bowling. Brooklyn I didn't know if you would enjoy bowling as you can't walk and lift the ball on your own like your siblings. You really enjoyed it though and were so cute to push the ball with full force off the ramp each turn. You surprise us daily in all your capabilities. I love you!

Brooklyn Riley my princess you truly are royalty. You have this elegance around you that we all aspire to be like that seems to be so natural for you. Brooklyn you have taught us so much in your lifetime thus far and each day with you is a privilege I look forward too. I love you my princess always and forever!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Andie 5 Years

Andie my girl is already five years old, that means I have been a parent for a full five years and I still don't know what I am doing. Thank goodness for you Andie because you are so patient with your mother in all that I do. Andie has taught me all I know about parenthood and I can't think of a greater person to do just that. Andie at 5 years old...

1. Andie enjoyed playing with her cousin Hunter. Andie had the time of her life hanging with her cousin Hunter as he was in town with us for a couple of weeks. The kids enjoyed the idea of having another little boy join the family, maybe one day we can make that a reality.

2. Andie visited Taylor. Andie loves visiting her cousin Taylor and learning all about her. Andie and Taylor I believe are best friends and I can't wait to see them together once again in the next life. We miss you so much Taylor but your memories are alive in us all.

3. Andie had a teeth checkup. Andie had her checkup with her teeth since her surgery and she did amazing. Andie didn't have any problems to report and is good until her checkup in September now. Hopefully this surgery is such a good reminder for Andie to always try and remember to brush her teeth.

4. Andie loves ice. Andie loves eating crushed ice and makes me want to unpack my ice crusher we have packed away. Andie is a daughter after her own mother for sure. Maybe we just need to go buy a giant bag of crushed ice to munch on all the days long.

5. Andie graduated preschool. Andie loved having preschool with her two teachers and all her best friends. Preschool has been such a good experience for Andie and she has loved every minute of learning to write all her letters and numbers. Now bring on Kindergarten!

6. Andie went bowling. For Dads birthday we went out bowling and Andie fell in love with that activity. Andie really enjoyed being able to do it on her own complete with picking out her own ball to choosing to use the ramp or not. Andie did so well with bowling she even won us all.

7. Andie is killer at arcade games. Andie tried out a crane game to capture the prizes that I never do because I struggle big time, not this little girl. Andie was winning candy left and right. Andie was so proud of her skill to get candies to share with her siblings, I am so impressed.

8. Andie loves the name Clestria. Andie has always named her dolls or stuffed animals like any little girl, each time the name she picks is Clestria. She loves that name without a doubt.

9. Andie had a trolls birthday. Andie with each decision she makes she will put much thought into it. Her birthday theme was just that and the hours she put into this decision was no joke. We finally did a Trolls birthday and it turned out fantastic. We loved being able to spoil our princess on her special day.

Andie Noelle you have brought and continue to bring so much joy to us each and every day. You truly light up our home with your contagious laugh and smile. Andie the world is in your hands and you will do such great things in your life. I love that I get to walk this journey of life with you. I love you so much my special little Andie!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Andie's 5th Birthday

Andie Noelle is five years old and we celebrated with a Trolls theme birthday party. Andie couldn't decide this year what her birthday theme would be as it changed from Elena to Moana now to Trolls. We hit a little ahead of the game and it was impossibly hard to find decorations with a Troll theme but I think we pulled through because Andie was in heaven.

We did our traditional birthday presents first thing in the morning. All Andie wanted was a bag she could color that is trolls and of course a speaker trolls radio. So we got her just that with of course a few extra things to spoil our girl.

After the presents we went upstairs to get some traditional donut pile breakfast that all the kids enjoy so much. This has turned into such a cute tradition for us.

Daddy then had to go to school orientation for his radiology program and would be gone all afternoon. We weren't able to do our traditional family activity so instead Mom got creative and we played outside in a new pool and sprayer. The kids were in heaven even though it was freezing cold water. We need warm water hookups in our house one day.

Andie did almost all her birthday present crafts as she was just so excited to get started on them all. It is so cute to see her creative side come out more and more. Andie is truly a creative soul just like her Momma.

When Dad was home we had just a little bit to spare before he would have to go to work that night. We quickly got the cake made. Andie stated I didn't put enough Trolls on her cake so she did some decorating of her own.

We then went out to Arctic Circle as Andie requested corn dogs for dinner and of course they have a playground there too. We had so much fun celebrating our little Andie Noelle and I can't believe how old she is getting. Andie my girl you have made the last five years the best five years of your Mom and Dads life, we love you so much!