Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Labor Day 2017

We don't usually do much for Labor Day but this year we made a family outing since we were out of work and school. We went to IHOP because Andie has been begging to go back there and get more smile pancakes, it was delicious! We also went on an IKEA run because Mom needed extra cubby storage for supplies. It was a short lived outing but the kids had a blast!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Andie started Kindergarten, WHAT? How am I old enough to have a child in Kindergarten already?!

We had Kindergarten registration a few weeks ago and now went in for Kindergarten testing. I was hoping at the testing I would get some information on when she will start school, teacher, times and days she has classes. I got some of that information. Andie did her testing and of course I snuck a picture and the siblings watched. They don't really tell you how she did but she did say that Miss Stephenson would be her teacher for the year, woot one step closer.

We then of course went to our traditional IHOP breakfast. We love that we have this beginning of the school year tradition. Andie was so excited to have a smile face pancake again and GUESS WHAT? The kids were actually good even with the long wait for the food. Daddy and I were SO surprised.

We didn't hear anything about when she would start school until the night before she had to be there? Can you believe it? My OCD heart was in a panic all month long and then to know school was the next day with no prep. We did run a little late and so all the other parents had dropped off their kids and were staring through the window. I came up and an assistant (I assume) opened the door right before I walked up and started telling the parents to leave and go home, just go. I looked at her blankly at her disrespect for it was the first day of Kindergarten of course parents want to make sure their kids are okay. So I tell her that I haven't dropped off my daughter yet, so she grabs Andie's arm and drug her into the room and shut the door. I didn't even get to say goodbye! This was the worst first day of school yet. I didn't even know when class was over!

So I left in distress and came home basically in tears wondering what I should do. Do I change teachers for her? Do I take a stand to the assistant? Meanwhile I had Zach call the office to ask when school was out so we knew when we would be able to pick up our little girl. I decided I would ask Andie and see what she thought of the first day.

We picked up Andie and she was so ecstatic and showed us her papers she colored and said it was the best day ever. So of course we had to go celebrate and we went to McDonald's. We decided to have her stay in the class she is in even though some of her best friends from preschool are in other classes.  I want her to be with her best friends but making new friends is good too.

When home we did our tradition of destroying her old backpack from last year. She had so much fun cutting it all up so that there was room in her closet for her new backpack. Andie had such a fun time in Kindergarten and I have a feeling it will be a better year then the first day turned out to be. Andie you will learn so much and you will progress in leaps and bounds. I love you my girl!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Jake 3 Years 5 Months

Jake my boy haven't I told you a thousand times to stop growing up so quickly. My little boy is going to be four in a blink of an eye. Jake is 3 years 5 months...

1. Jake is a YouTube fan. Jake has been loving watching other Family vloggers, especially those who go on playgrounds and he will watch those kids play. He is almost making me think about starting a vlogging channel but I guess time will tell ;) Til then we will have fun watching kid vloggers explore these play areas.

2. Jake loves our new couch. Jake is one that likes to "rest". Don't let this fool you because remember Jake is my crazy, high energy little bunny and is on the go almost always but how could you not love to rest on our giant couch now. Jake is loving everything about it!

3. Jake loves the bounce houses. Jake last time we went to "Jump around Utah" was not to much of a fan of them unless Daddy help him basically the whole time. Now Jake was all over the building and LOVING it. This little boy was building up a sweat with how much energy he was getting out. We must go back soon.

4. Jake loves McDonald's. Is it sad that my three year old perfect little boy is obsessed with McDonald's? No it's not like that but it was so funny when Mom came home from work one day and Jake run up towards me super excited. He stopped right before getting to me to give me a big hug and stated, "Mommmm, what no food?". It was the funniest thing ever. Poor kid then told me he needed McDonald's haha.

5. Jake loves to do flips. Jake has this fascination with doing somersaults and it is the cutest little thing ever. Jake will flip all around and is even dangerous sometimes and will do it will a giant ball on a couch. Silly Jake can do better somersaults then I ever could.

6. Jake loves to help cook. Jake has been loving helping Mom and Dad cook food at times. We haven't been making much food now since we are in the basement of Grandparents houses and don't have our own kitchen. We have been slacking on the having Jake help us cook and been trying to focus more on it. Jake is loving cooking with us.

7. Jake like spiderman. Jake started to love spiderman the same time as Andie and of course I think it is thanks to YouTube having spiderman in his McQueen videos. We have let them watch the spiderman movies even if we were waiting until they were a bit older and they love them. It will probably be the family favorite superhero for a long time coming.

8. Jake loves to go on rides. Jake has always loved going on car rides with Mom and Dad but lately has been loving them even more. Jake will always ask us to go on car rides and lots of the time we don't have places to go but will still just drive around while Jake and the siblings watch a movie and Mom and Dad check out houses dreaming of the future. Car rides are the best!

Jake Oliver you my boy are the best thing ever. You are the cutest little boy and I would not be complete without you by my side to watch grow each and everyday. Jake you are my energy, you make me smile and honestly make each day worth waking up for. I love you my boy, always and forever!